Our Family

Another hard family slog, and I mean that as a compliment. Reiko (Mieko Harada) has been becoming forgetful and making some silly decisions and when her eldest son announces that he is to become a father, she embarrasses herself and him at a dinner with the in-laws. Her husband, Katsuaki (Kyozo Nagatsuka) is a pretty typical Japanese husband, working too hard and not very talkative. He does notice her odd behaviour however and takes her to the doctor the next morning and it’s here where the story begins to move forward.

The family receives a diagnosis of a brain tumor and its left to the elder son to organise things. Dad is a bit of a write off, having always relied on his wife and the younger son has been a bit of a loser always sponging off his mother for money. See the pattern here? Oh yes, one more thing to add to the drama;- it seems that the elder son was once a shut in, hikikomori. He shut himself off from all outside contact when he was younger. Does this family have any hope?

This movie could have very easily shot off in the direction of a critique of the Japanese medical industry and the commonplace lying to patients about their true health but it doesn’t. It remains focussed on this shattered family and getting a cure for the person at the very heart of that family. Based on semi-autobiographical novel Bokutachi no Kazoku, and directed by the award-winning director of The Great Passage, it works in delivering an observation of a family’s helplessness in the face of cancer, but strength in coming together.

7 ½ family hugs out of 10


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