The Eternal Zero

The film of the festival so far for me. I knew this would be a big movie and it delivered. But firstly, I would like to get one thing out of the way. This movie is about kamikaze. If you are to condemn the movie on that point alone, stop reading now. Save yourself some time.

For those of you who have stuck with me, I hope you enjoy this review and go and see the movie when you can. The movie is told in flashbacks and starts in the present day with Kentari Oishi and his sister Keiko finding out at the grandma’s funeral that their grandpa is not actually their real grandpa and that in fact, their real grandpa died as a kamikaze during the final days of the way. They decide to go and find out more and in the process discover that their grandfather’s comrades thought of him as a coward.

In the flashbacks, we discovered that their grandfather, Kyuzo Miyabe, was an exceptional pilot and new father who promised his wife and child he would be careful in the war and would return to them. As such, he refuses to take reckless risks and does not believe in throwing away his life in the service of the Emperor.

The movie shifts back and forth between the children coming across more of their grandfather’s colleagues who have a different view to the others and back to Miyabe who we see slowly but surely changing the views of those pilots he is asked to train. He considers it his duty to get these young men home to their families so they can build a strong, peaceful and prosperous Japan.

Coupled with a beautiful soundtrack and flight sequences, this movie tells another side of the kamikaze, and although it does not go as far as the falling cherry blossoms view of these brave men, it does provide a more nuanced view of their experience. Ultimately, it delivers a strong position against war and against blind devotion to death so I don’t really understand the controversy it has raised about its ‘glorification of war’.

9 ½ barrel rolls out of 10


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