A Drop of the Grapevine

I watched this movie immediately after Snow on the Blades and a more different movie to that would be hard to find. It started as a fairly normal movie about rural wine grower Ao, (Yo Oizumi, from last year’s Bread of Happiness) and his brother Roku (Shota Sometani) who live together but do not share the best of relationships. You see, Ao was a gifted musician and composer who left the family farm to pursue music until an ear infection forced him to return to the Hokkaido countryside. Its telling to note that the death of his father prior to this was not enough to bring him back before this.

He decides to start growing pinot noir grapes in pursuit of the perfect wine and along the way becomes a bit of a prick, something his brother, who felt abandoned by him, reminds him of. One day, the eccentric Erica (gorgeous Yuko Ando) drives up to the paddock nearby and starts digging. For what, we don’t know and she instantly puts Ao’s nose out of joint while getting on marvellously with everyone else around her.

This film had a similar feel to Bread of Happiness about it, not just because of the Hokkaido landscape but also the same quirky feel and also how it left the viewer wondering exactly where this movie was going. Despite going off in some strange directions with Erica’s relationship with her mother and more hole digging, its ultimately a story about the two brother’s relationship, love and acceptance. I ended up enjoying it even if I felt a bit lost for most of the film.

8 lazy glasses of pinot noir out of 10


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