Tracey Spicer and Click Bait

Yawn! This is going to be a short post because, well, I am at work and I am busy but this one really could not be let through to the keeper without comment.

When Tracey Spicer was fronting the news on Channel 10, I thought she was pretty good. I mean, as a talking head fronting the news bulletin, she was good at her job. When she read the news, I got informed about what was going on in the world. Did I think she was attractive, well, I don’t really remember because I didn’t care. I would have settled for George Negus reading the news. In fact, I don’t care who reads the teleprompter as long as they have good diction.

Just looking at her Wikipedia entry, I can see that she is associated with many philanthropic causes that I agree with and I commend her for this. Equally, it says that she was sacked via email after returning from Maternity Leave (how low can you go Channel 10?) and I am adamantly against discrimination on the basis of gender after seeing a hard working former girlfriend lose her job after falling pregnant. Being the father of a daughter, this sort of sexism turns my stomach.

But what upsets me more is the constant dumbing down of our society and this is where Tracey Spicer has disappointed me. She comes across as smarter than the average bear and like it or lump it, is an influencer and leader in the community so for her to reduce her argument about sexism by writing her most recent article simply boggles the mind.

I am not going to bother refuting this piece of anecdotal rubbish because the effort will suck the life out of me. Suffice to say that it is click bait and a pretty basic form at that.

Then there is her other effort of seeking attention, where she stripped down to her delicates at a TEDx talk to try and make the point that she is vain, while also subtly taking a dig at men for forcing her to jump through these hoops just to succeed in this world.;search%3Atag%3A%22tedxsouthbankwomen%22

Tracey, you had me when you were reading the news and informing Australia about what was going on out there. You brought wit, intelligence and humanity to a job that desperately needed but did not appreciate these attributes. I support you when you argue for equality for women. But when you try to pass this rubbish out as a desperate attempt to keep your ‘brand’ out there, you lose me.

I understand you need to keep a very expensive roof over your and your family’s head. I totally get that. But you lost me with these latest two stunts. I no longer respect you, not because you are a woman but because you have become that thing that I loathe:- a flim flam salesperson for the superficial cast-off that passes for news nowadays.


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