Bullshit radar going off

It’s been said that I have a somewhat cynical and suspicious nature and my bullshit radar tends to go off more often than not when I see celebrities doing good deeds and the like. Sure, a celebrity can act altruistically every now and then just like the rest of us but then the rest of us don’t have a PR person whispering in our ear about needing to fix our image.

If you had just been called out by a someone for working with her father who she alleges sexually assaulted her as a child, would you make sure that you were seen delivering children’s toys to the apartment of a friend who had just died? Are children’s toys an appropriate thing to deliver at that time?

Delivering toys to children whose father had just died? No problem with that. A bit weird when what they probably want is a hug and their father back, but still within the realms of possibility.

Going in the front door through the media pack instead of perhaps calling ahead and going through the carpark, or perhaps even calling and saying “hey, I am so sorry. This is terrible. I would like to do something for you and the kids but I respect your privacy so please tell me what you think is best”? Hhmm, it just looks a bit weird again.

Getting asked why you are working with a guy who has been accused of sexual assault (not found guilty) because he is a great artist? Not my call:- we each have our own standards.

Wrap all these things up and it smells like a PR person working overtime to fix an image problem just before the Academy Awards. Or it could be completely innocent, and just looks dodgy.


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