Results of my Two Week Holiday

Well what initially started as a short one week break from work extended to two weeks with Easter rolled in at the end so I will not be returning to work until Tuesday which is a pretty decent 18 days off. 

Thinking back, I had some tasks what I wanted to tick off during this break so I will review them below. 

1. Learn how to embed photos into my blog posts.

Yes, this was achieved. I did some research but also got great advice from my blogging mentor Jeannie. Thanks mate. She has some great travel and eating blogs so please check them out. Also, although I did learn how to spice my blogs up with photos, I now need to find some photos worthy of inclusion.

2. Finish ‘The Ninja’

Done. So now I am trying to finish ‘Sandakan’ by Paul Ham before I get into Book 5 of David Wingrove’s Chung Kuo

3. See ‘Lincoln’, ‘Silver Linings Playbook’, ‘Argo’ and ‘Zero Dark Thirty’

All except SLP. Argo was great, then Lincoln and then the plodding Zero Dark Thirty. Instead of SLP, I caught ‘Dearest’ which was left over from last years Japanese Film Festival. Review to follow.

4. Get Car fixed and chase up travel insurance refund

Done ($580) and done.

5. Write some more blog posts.

Technically, yes but writing posts about writing posts don’t really count.

During our two week break, A and I managed to spend two nights over at the Astral Hotel at Star City Casino here in Sydney. With an upgrade to a two bedroom suite, it was pretty impressive and it was great to spend some time eating some wonderful food as well as doing some shopping. I found a great little shop that sells old maps from 100-200 years ago which I will write about in later posts.

For now, it’s back into the rhythms of home life again


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