Results from Week One of my Holiday

Well friends,

Its Monday and my week of leave was so relaxing I took another one. (That, and the fact that I only achieved half of my goals.) I managed to see ‘Lincoln’ (8 out of 10) and ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ (7 out of 10) and finish ‘The Ninja’ as well as learn how to embed photos into my blogs. However, I have not seen ‘Argo’ or ‘Silver Linings Playbook’ nor have I managed to write any blog posts except this and the one preceding it which I don’t really count. 

I want to review the two movies I saw as well as write a post on Hawaiian Shirts and my new Canon 60D and I still need to brush up on my Japanese before tomorrow’s class. Tonight, A and I are off to see ‘Dearest’ at the Dendy Quay Cinemas. Regular readers will remember that this is the movie that repeatedly did not work at the Japanese Film Festival late last year so the Japan Foundation is showing it again.

I know this is a quick update but my computer is running slow so I will post again soon.



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