Here it comes!!

You know the opening scene of Top Gun where the camera is close focussing on F14 front wheels working their way around the flight deck and the flight deck crew are guiding the planes into position on the catapult? The thematic music building to a crescendo before the plane shoots down the flight deck and the music shifts into a fast paced rock and roll track? Well that’s me right now. You see, my wife and I are having our first baby in July and I am about to be catapulted into a completely different life experience.
I know!! How cool is that? I just found out today that we are having a little girl. As a guy, I imagine that things will be rosy for the first 15 years and then I will be having daily heart attacks when she discovers boys. On the other hand, if we had a boy, things would be difficult early with our very own tornado in the house until he is 16 or so. Of course, deep down inside, I am overjoyed and cannot wait for the adventure to begin but I am also incredibly nervous and apprehensive.
Am I worried about having my first child at 39? Well not really because I keep telling myself that having a baby at 25 would still be pretty daunting so it’s the ‘having a baby’ part that is challenging rather than the age at which we have it. And anyway, we are both pretty sensible people in good health so I am sure we will manage.
Of course, I am worried about raising a child in today’s world with global warming changing the world around us so quickly and society changing for the worse. I am worried about an education system that struggles to keep up with the rapid change in technology and its effect on employment prospects. I am worried about drugs and boys in fast cars with fast booze and faster hormones.
OK. Now I realised how scary this could be. Wish me luck.

PS: I know I have been lax in keeping this blog up to date but it’s been a hectic period these last few months.


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