Writers Block / Frazzled Brain

I mentioned in a previous post that my work colleague came off his motorcycle. What I later found out from him is that it was at 180km/h on a sweeping right hand bend and was causes by some dirt lying on the road. He got off relatively lightly with Kevlar burns on his legs, an infected knee and snapped ligament in his thumb. Anyway, he is back at work now and my four weeks of managing the two desks by myself are over for the time being. Thank the random supreme being for that. Its been a long month with minimal gym visits, twice as much useless admin, half as much recognition, negligible catching up with those people important to me and miserable weather to boot.
What a difference a sunny day makes. That glowing orb of fusion is sending down some invitations to spring and I am willing to accept, schedule allowing, of course. Everything seems easier when its warm and sunny. Except writing. I know that for an aspiring writer, writers block is a possibility, but even in embryonic form (ala blogging), it should not pose such a challenge. I mean, surely there are plenty of things to write about. For instance, we have the Republican Congressman in Missouri who is running for the Senate who reckons you don’t get pregnant from rape. Apparently the female body “has ways of shutting that down”, according to the Doctors he spoke to. Are these doctors also tea party nutters as well? I mean, where did these guys get their medical degrees from? The Ponds Institute?
Then there is the continuing farce that is Julian Assange and his self-aggrandising hypocrisy. Apart from the fact that he exposed the names and locations of informants and agents working against Al Qaeda, the so called champion of whistleblowers and a free media chose to take refuge in the Ecuadorean Embassy. Really, Julian? Just check out their history for upholding a free press. And then there is the small issue of the two Swedish ladies he is alleged to have assaulted. Come now ladies, no need to worry. According to the Republican Party, you have nothing to worry about. Just move along and leave poor Julian to fight the good fight against big, bad Obama.
And a big shout out to that bastion of justice and freedom, the Chinese Communist Party who today gave a suspended death sentence to Gu Kai Lai after she poured rat poison down the throat of the man who allegedly threatened to expose her son. The CCP deserves their own article here and I am sure I will get around to it but suffice to say that this whole saga has the smell of fish sauce about it. The people can live without the vote as long as they keep seeing their quality of life increase but pretty soon, no amount of wide screen TVs and affordable family cars can make up for the dodgy milk powder, land grabs, arbitrary justice and dodgy school buildings. Your comet is coming into view and the Temple of Heaven is going to fall.


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