Random Thoughts

Over the last week and a half, the London Olympics have been taking place, with hundreds of athletes competing in their various disciplines. The broadcast by Channel 9 has lived up to the standard expected; mediocre. I hesitate to go into specifics otherwise I will end up typing too hard and punching a hole in the screen, but as an example of what we have had to put up with; Eddie Mcguire referring to Abraham Lincoln and Winston Churchill as famous British politicians that the tri-athletes were running past. Abraham Lincoln!! The quality of these fools is lamentable. I agree with the rest of the commentariat, something must be done about the ‘team’ at London:- the media team that is. I blame all those new universities and the patently too-low entry requirements for the Bachelor of Communications degrees. And another thing. A big shout-out to those Australian athletes who compete in their own, lesser known sports without the millions in endorsements and sponsorships and who do it for the love of it, who walk off the court or field, out of the arena or pool with their heads held high for even making it the games. Well done to you all.

Another mass shooting in the US. I thought there would be another one fairly soon and I predicted within two weeks. Not with any sense of happiness whatsoever did I learn that six Sihk people were gunned down while going about their business of religious worship by some neo-nazi loser. I am reminded of the comment I saw online around the time of the Colorado massacre (remember that one?). Some fool said something along the lines of “if only some of those theatre goers were packing, this could have ended so differently”. Yeah, Mr Redneck, I definitely want 200 scared, frightened, poorly trained people throwing brass downrange in a darkened theatre while children are running through their line of sight. I mean, seriously??

Another injury at Jujutsu on Tuesday night. Toes are so under-rated. They are my Achilles heel, if you will pardon my anatomically mixed metaphor. Its pretty embarrassing when you are sparring and cop a blow to the head but then ‘come a’cropper’ when you jam your toes on the mat and have to hobble to the side. WTF?? I know that when I am eventually going for my black belt, I will be a sucker for the Gold Dragon Wushu Toe Hold. That will be my weak point, I assure you. But seriously, I am so glad to have found Jujutsu after learning some karate in my youth. Such a comprehensive art taught by some amazing sensei.

Mars! Not the bar, the planet. How cool is that? But am I the only one who is disappointed with the black and white photos? We want colour, red, orange, brown. Not fussy, but please give us some colour. Is that too much to ask? I mean, sure, you put that puppy down nicely and pretty damn close to target across hundreds of thousands of kilometres and I don’t even understand the maths behind that (my astro- navigation knowledge was confined to moving across the Earth’s surface, not through the solar system) but is a bit of kodachrome too much to ask? I think not. Get busy, NASA!!

My friend has come off his motorbike and is still in one piece. Being thankful for small mercies, bike helmet technology and Kevlar pants. His wife and soon to arrive child no doubt join me in that thanksgiving. And on that happy note, sayonara until next time friends.


2 thoughts on “Random Thoughts

  1. Hey bigfella,

    On the radio today they said they were going to put another camera up soon on a mast that would provide, not only your precious colour, but also 360 degree panorama. That’s not bad considering it’s actually 250 million kilometres away. It takes the radio signals (travelling at the speed of light) 4 to 20 minutes to get here depending on how far away Mars is at the time. It’s frikken’ amazing. Unlike channel 9…seriously shit!

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